The Virtual Conference for Stay-at-Home Mums
Are You a Mum Who Is Ready to Start a Business?
15+ lady bosses got together in a 3-days long virtual event to teach you how to start your business and grow your enterprise while still managing your own family!
If you missed it on 2017, now you can access to it.
What is the Mumpreneur Summit?
It is a virtual event that took place from November 6 to 8, 2017. There was 15+ speakers that will shared their knowledge and experiences on how to launch or grow your dream business from home with actionable tips and accomplish your goals — the best part is you don’t even have to leave the house!  
Why Should You Attend the 2017 Mumpreneur Summit?
For popular demand I decided to offer the 2017 Mumpreneur Summit again. So, if you want to find financial freedom, flexible time and be there for your family, now is time to start your stay-at-home journey and the 2017 Mumpreneur Summit is the perfect excuse to give life to your dream business. 

Learn from 15+ lady bosses, from around the world that started their business just like you.  We’ll be covering topics like choose a business idea, marketing strategy, content strategy, branding, DIY photograph, personal branding, email list building, social media, webinars, and more! 

It is a FREE event and you can attend anytime, anywhere and without the airfare cost! 
The Experts You'll Be Learning from in the Mumpreneur Summit know how to be a boss!
Check them out below!
Jessica Bodin
Victoria Kingyens
Kermilia White
Sonja Crystal Williams
Claire Barton
Kate Wratten
Yael Keon
Lisabella Mansillo
Amanda Harrington
Alba Gomez
Elna Cain
Elisha Thompson
Jocelyne Angelica
Meet Your Host
Lucy Quiroz
Lucy Quiroz
A Marketing Professional and a Business Coach for stay-at-home who wish to launch or grow their dream business. But she is also a mum, wife and a CEO house. During the day she is like a regular stay-at-home mum, but at night she is a lady boss who rocks her online business. She is originally from Colombia, South America, but living in Australia since 2008 with a lucky leprechaun and Valentina, her daughter.
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